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Campus Marketing Director (YOUR HOME CAMPUS) - Paid Internship Fall 2020

Highkey Inc. // Los Angeles, CA (Remote)

1 month ago

Job Description

Campus Marketing Director - Paid Internship Opportunity

Highkey is a fast-growing tech startup in Los Angeles, California looking for talented team members who want to help launch our groundbreaking college app. Our mobile application helps students find all their campus events from one place and connects the whole campus together. Highkey is The College App which identifies the hottest events during the week and brings students together. Highkey took off right away on 7 college campuses and now over 40,000 students are using the app. Highkey is expanding to 20 new colleges this fall!
You can see us in the app store: https://itunes.apple.com/us/app/highkey-campus-spotlight/id1421280730

Or hear what others have to say about us on medium:



Job Description:

As a product marketing manager, you will be a leader on the team responsible for telling your school the story of our product. You will be expected to be our chief advocate for a specific feature set and its benefits. Additionally, you will be charged with crafting the strategy around the messaging and marketing for new launches.


Together with the product team, educate both internal and external stakeholders about our product features and their benefits.

Create product content (e.g. product videos, blog posts, Quora/forum responses) to articulate the benefits of our products to the world.

Create partnerships with campus organizations, greek life organizations.

Speak and present both internally and externally to promote the story of our product.

Measure and optimize the user journey as it relates to product feature adoption and usage.


Well-Networked among greek life.

A Go-Getter personality with a hustler mentality.

Equivalent working experience.

Excellent verbal communication skills.

Proficiency in content management systems. You will be expected to build product pages, optimize the conversion paths on those pages, and use dynamic calls-to-action to create and test user stage-specific calls-to-action.

Prefer working in a collaborative, cross-team capacity. This role requires you to work across functions and departments to bring the product to life. You are at the center of our entire organization, constantly interacting with teammates.

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