Ricky Junquera Campaign

Spring Intern for the Ricky Junquera Campaign for District 118 (FL HR)

Ricky Junquera Campaign // Miami, Florida (Remote)

2 years ago

Job Description

Dear interested candidates,
The Ricky Junquera campaign for the Florida State Representative District 118 seat is currently seeking unpaid spring interns to work remotely from home in order to aid the campaign. If you are interested, please read below.

Social Media/Constituent Outreach Intern: This position will focus on managing the campaign’s twitter, instagram and facebook accounts, making sure the candidate is posting on it regularly, or researching pertinent information to post (e.g. information about school meals, closures, current events occuring in the district, campaign fundraising events, etc). You will work with the marketing team to curate content that will ensure an increase in followers and allow the candidate to be able to answer as many of his constituents' concerns as possible.
Data/Policy Research Intern: This position will focus on researching contentious bills passed by the Florida Congress as well as any bills that are of concern to the constituents of District 118. Additionally, you may help with other aspects of the campaign, but may focus on researching the current events of the district along with the bills.
Marketing/Content Creation Intern: This position requires creativity. Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator experience is a plus but not required, Canva will do just as well so that you may create event flyers and social media content to be posted in order to inform constituents. Additionally, you may be asked to research strategies in order to increase social media audience engagement.
Campaign Finance Intern: This position requires that you work with the finance team in order to follow up with donors and research possible endorsements. It will include researching or suggesting initiatives to increase fundraising and reach a greater audience.

Experience Level
None required. We are all learning together! We just wish to create a team of interns who will aid us with the goals of the campaign and learn about the ins and outs of running a local campaign.

This is an unpaid position however we are able to offer:
Food and/gas stipends

Time Commitment
5-10 hours a week depending on how much time the intern wishes to commit.

How to Apply: Send an email to intern@voteforricky.com with a copy of your resume and the position.

For any questions or concerns feel free to send an email address to the email listed above. All college students are welcome. Internship positions may lead to paid summer positions. Stay safe and we hope to hear from you soon!


A High School Diploma or GED
Current university students encouraged to apply

Things to Remember
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