Job Description

The Reflect Organization (Reflect) seeks an educated and engaged Volunteer Intern who is passionate about supporting college students’ mental wellness. The Volunteer Intern should live and breathe Reflect’s values of authenticity, allyship, self-love, and student empowerment. They should be an ambassador of Reflect’s message.

The Volunteer Intern role is a 40-hour/week, unpaid volunteer position that offers mission aligned individuals a way to support Reflect’s work while gaining invaluable experience and educational insight. This position allows for flexible scheduling with the ability to remain closely connected to Reflect’s projects, activities and initiatives.

In the interest of supporting Reflect’s work culture of wellness and fostering innovation, Reflect endeavors to create a passionate, supportive, and healthy working environment where self-care is a focus and volunteers can thrive.

Position Responsibilities (tailored to each volunteer, but may include the following):

Organization Development - Including, but not limited to:
- Attending networking events.
- Attending business meetings.
- Attending events specifically for volunteer interns.
- Attending important Reflect events.
- Drafting proposals for grants, conferences, and more.
- Documenting all processes performed in a manual, for purpose of future sustainability and replicability.
- Possibility of writing for Reflect’s blog.

Admin. Assistant Responsibilities - Including, but not limited to:
- Organizing and scheduling meetings for Reflect.
- Communicating otherwise on behalf of Reflect.
- Updating LinkedIn pages related to Reflect.

Trainings/Lessons - Including, but not limited to:
- Learning Reflect lesson entitled: “Introduction to Reflect”.
- Completing Reflect Facilitator Training.
- Learning Reflect lesson entitled: “Starting a Nonprofit”.
- Learning Reflect lesson entitled: “What is a Movement?”

Day-to-Day Maintenance - Including, but not limited to:
- Crafting publicity emails.
- Preparing materials for meetings.
- Preparing notes for Reflect employees.
- Researching and locating opportunities for Reflect.
- Working on apparel orders.
- Completing any and all other duties as agreed upon by the Volunteer Intern and Reflect National.

Graphic Design/Social Media Development
*Superior skill in web design, social media, and graphic design is not necessary for the position of Volunteer Intern. However, candidates with such expertise will be eligible to work on projects requiring this skillset.

Benefits of Volunteer Internship
Though not paid, the experiences Volunteer Interns will have during their time at Reflect are invaluable. They will learn how nonprofits work and how one individual can impact thousands. They will have opportunities to meet experts in fields such as psychology, mental wellness, and nonprofit work. Volunteer Interns will receive trainings and lessons, which they can use to support their school community. They will work with intelligent and passionate individuals who are dedicated to service. Volunteer Interns also receive Reflect “gear”. This is just an overview of the myriad of benefits Volunteer Interns will draw from their time at Reflect.


- High school graduate.
- Demonstrated passion for helping others.
- Demonstrated knowledge and interest in the field of mental wellness.
- Superior organizational abilities.
- Superior communication skills.
- Attention to detail.

Things to Remember
Always be on the alert for potentially fraudulent job postings online. Report potential fraud to us if you're unsure about the legitimacy of a job posting or employer on Covintern.
  • Never accept a check or other funds from a company to purchase materials necessary for your position.
  • Avoid and report situations where employers require payment or work without compensation as part of the application process.
  • Avoid corresponding with anyone who reaches out via text or email or outside of the Covintern platform that you don't recognize.
  • Be wary of Google Hangout or Skype interviews as these are not publicly-listed numbers that can be used to verify the legitimacy of the interviewer.
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